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About Botox Cosmetic®

About Botox Cosmetic®

Botox Cosmetic®: FDA-Approved Skin Treatment.


Botox Cosmetic® is the only FDA-approved treatment for skin rejuvenation. It is, however, on the list of Prescription Drugs in Canada and must only be administered by a trained and licensed medical practitioner. As mandated by Health Canada, we do not promote the therapeutic use or benefits of Botox. Individuals who opt for a Botox® treatment in Mississauga may do so of their own choice after consulting a healthcare professional.

How is the Botox Cosmetic® treatment administered?

A prescription medicine, Botox Cosmetic® is injected into the facial muscles. It blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles to prevent them from contracting (and forming age lines) for a short period of time. It is typically used in older adults, however, adults of all ages can be treated.

Although rare when administered by a trained medical doctor, the most commonly known side-effects are some degree of pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. You could also have minor flu-like symptoms, headache, and an upset stomach. In rare instances, it may cause mild ptosis or eyelid droop, but this is a temporary condition.

Tell Dr. Solnik if you experience any of these problems after your Botox Cosmetic treatment.

Botox Cosmetic®: What You Should Know about this Skincare Treatment

Hundreds of men and women in Canada and all over the world have used medical cosmetic treatments to get rid of crow’s feet, wrinkles and frown lines. Although proven to be safe for the most part, medical cosmetic treatments must always be administered by a trained and experienced medical practitioner in order to ensure positive outcomes. This is especially true when you choose to go in for a Botox® treatment in Mississauga, because it is a prescription drug.

You must always tell your doctor about any medications that you might be taking prior to the procedure.

Dr. Solnik will go over your medical history and conditions at the initial treatment consultation to ensure optimal results keeping in mind your safety and comfort.

Contact Dr. Solnik in Mississauga for an appointment to discuss your Botox Cosmetic® treatment.