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We’re all familiar with the term “less is more” and that’s the secret behind the natural, youthful look of injectable medical cosmetic treatments. After all, few men or women today want the tight, frozen appearance which screams “face job”. Take Renee Zellweger, the latest Hollywood actress to scare her fans with all the work she had done to her face. As a result, many leading ladies are now opting for “a little bit  at a time”. It may take more than one visit but the natural look makes it worth your time and money!

A Younger Face with No Trace!

Most older women don’t want anyone to know the secret behind their youthful appearance. Suddenly going out with all signs of aging completely erased just gives it away. The trick, cosmetic surgeons realize, is to use a little bit of the injectable filler at a time rather than all at once.

Medical cosmetic specialists found that by taking baby steps instead of a giant leap, crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles could be treated easily, resulting in a younger face with little trace of a procedure being done. These mini treatments gently ‘iron’ out those fine lines and creases that are just starting to show. Skin appears smoother while facial features still have enough movement to look natural.

Thanks to these mini treatments, the natural look is back. The concept came about in the US after director Martin Scorsese complained that so many of the actresses had the frozen look that he couldn’t find anyone who could deliver the performances he wanted. Now more Hollywood stars are deciding to scale back. They don’t mind have three mini treatments a year instead of one and have made it an integral part of their beauty regime.

The lesson to be learned here—if you are going to have a facelift, don’t end up looking like you are permanently wind-blown or a startled deer in the headlights. Do it as naturally as possible and make sure you get the results you are paying for.

Skin Rejuvenation with Injectable Dermal Fillers is an Art

A forehead that resembles a piece of marble, a face that looks like it will burst with a smile… we have all seen pictures of what a botched cosmetic treatment can result in. From the younger Lindsay Lohan to the mature Priscilla Presley and Barry Manilow there are so many celebrity faces in the catalogue of plastic surgery gone bad. The reason? This type of treatment is an art! There is more to a nip and tuck than injecting fillers. How much and whether or not it is really an authentic product makes all the difference.

The success of mini skin treatments comes from using the right amount of the filler and injecting it very carefully to ensure a subtle improvement.  An experienced doctor, Dr. Charles M. Solnik, M.D.,  will give you a natural look that needs topping up no more frequently than four months.  He will also advise you on when to lower the dosage or consider other areas for best results.

See our gallery of before-and-after pictures for examples of his skill with  these treatments.

Dr. Solnik is a respected physician who specializes in Juvéderm® and Botox® cosmetic care. He cares deeply about his patients and takes the time to understand their needs in order to achieve optimal results. Many men and women have taken advantage of his expertise and fixed-priced Juvéderm treatments for a satisfying makeover.

As an established medical practitioner for over 20 years who has received extensive training, your comfort, safety and satisfaction are always his top priorities.

He can skillfully erase the signs of age to achieve a more natural, younger look.

Call 905-273-3176 Ext.3 or fill out our online contact form to set up a free consultation with Dr. Solnik about your Botox® treatment.

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