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Why Younger Women are Opting for Cosmetic Fillers

You Don’t Have to Wait to Change Your Look

It’s the age of the selfies and Generation Y wants to look perfect! So medical cosmetic skin treatments and injectable dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® have a new clientele—the young and demanding millennials. Yes, it’s true. Cosmetic surgeons or doctors in the US and Canada who administer these non-invasive dermal filler treatments are now seeing an almost 10 percent rise in female patients in the age group of 20 to 29. Even teens are opting for these quick cosmetic fillers to alter certain facial aspects and feel better about their appearance. The message to take away from this new trend is that you don’t have to wait for years to change the way you look! You can do it at any time.

They want you to know!

Plumped up, pouting lips are in; thanks to Kylie Jenner. More young women want to have them now. No longer are these confident women trying to hide how they got a facial makeover. In fact, many of them would be disappointed if you didn’t notice their new look. They really want to you to see the difference.

That’s a huge change from the typical patient who was 50+ and wanting to get rid of age lines without anyone knowing they got  a medical cosmetic treatment.

Read this article in The Globe and Mail.

Rise in confidence and self-esteem

However, one thing remains the same—the rise in confidence and self-esteem with the changed looks. As many young people are unsatisfied with their appearance (even bullied because of it), it affects the way they see themselves and/or interact with others.

Juvéderm® treatments have given them a way to change their lives. They are happier about their appearance and this helps prevent depression and self-esteem issues. They are now able to walk confidently into a room and be proud of the way they look.

Medical cosmetic treatments are not just for the rich

The high cost associated with cosmetic fillers and procedures had previously put them out of the reach of those with average means. Today fixed-priced treatments from experienced doctors, like Dr. Solnik in Mississauga, have resulted in these quick makeovers becoming more affordable even for those who are just starting out.

While this seems to be good news, both for young women and men, you have to be careful when you see Botox® or Juvéderm® advertised at a discount. Low prices are promised by the advertisements but when you show up for treatment, you may be required to purchase a 100 unit minimum  or several syringes of the dermal filler. These products may in fact not be Botox® or Juvéderm®, but similar products that have different potency and quality. You should clarify exactly what products you will be treated with and the unit concentration.

With Dr. Solnik, you are assured of a positive outcome. As a licensed physician for over 20 years who is trained in Botox® cosmetic care, your comfort, safety and satisfaction are always uppermost in his mind.

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